Expected Topics from Economy for Interview at UPSC in 2016


Following are Expected Topics from Economy for Interview at UPSC in 2016 -

General Topics -

- Changing Nature of Indian Economy
- Sustainable Development
- Inclusive Growth
- Effects of globalization
- Impact of liberalization
- Planning Commission v NITI Aayog
-  Green GDP,
- Structural changes in National Income

Agriculture –

Sustainable Agriculture,
 Soil Health & Use of Fertiliser
Computerisation of  Land Records
Agriculture Growth Worries
Farmer’s Suicide
Agriculture Credit
GM Crops
Agriculture Insurance
Agricultural Marketing - Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs) impeded the development
Food Security - NFSA
Contract farming and land leasing
Digital India Programme – effect on Farm Productivity
What constraints and challenges do financial institutions supplying agricultural finance face?

Industry –

Make in India depends on Skill India
Can India become a developed country without a strong industrial base?
Ease of Doing Business
Start-up India
Labour Reform
New Industrial Finance Agency- MUDRA Bank,
Multi Level Marketing
Food processing industry – challenges
Challenges Faced by Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
What ails Sugar Industry?

Service Sector –

Reasons for Rapid Growth
Real Estate Bill Passes
Infrastructure –

Power Sector Reform
Solar energy -measures
Stuck-up Projects
Smart Cities
Smart Villages
Swachch Bharat Abhiyan
PPP Reform
India’s green energy corridor

External Sector / Foreign Trade –

Diminishing Export
Trade Policy
WTO and India / Food Security / India's stand on the latest round of talks
FDI in defence - effect
Gold Monetization scheme
New Development Bank (NDB) – significance
Money laundering

Inflation –

Measures taken to control Inflation
Food inflation

Currency, Exchange Rate –

Fall of Rupee
Capital Account Convertibility

Financial Market –

RBI Reform
Urjit Patel Commission on Monetary Policy
RBI Approves New Banks
Stressed Assets of Bank / Bank Reform
Wilful Defaults / Vijay Maliya Issue
Basal III Norms
Financial Inclusion
Nayak Committee on Banking Sector Reform
Nachiket More Committee on Financial Services
FSLR (Shree Krishna Committee) Report
Niche Banking/Small Banking

Capital Market –

Capital Market Reform
Primary Market Reform
Shahara Issue
Ponzi Schemes

Public Finance –

Outcome Budget
Zero-based Budgeting
Gender Budgeting
Fiscal Deficit v Growth
FRBM Act to be reviewed
14th Finance Commission Report

Social Sector –

Assessment of Social Schemes – MGNREGA,  Make in India, etc.
(I) Demography –
Demographic Dividend or burden
Checking the growth of population
(II) Health –
Universal health coverage – Role of Private sector
(III) Education –
Skill Development
(IV) Women and Children –
Empowerment of Women
 (VII) Poverty –
Estimates of Poverty / Ragarajan Committee
 (IX) Social Protection –
Insurance Reform
Technology and Eco. Development -


International Issues -

 Devaluation of Yuan

Climate Change

Carbon Credit


Must go Sections -

Economic Survey 2015-16


General Budget 2016-17

Critical Analysis
Sectoral Analysis

Railway Budget 2016-17

Critical Analysis

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